Liquidity Mining SWP — a new investment direction


Before the active development of decentralized finance, users could provide liquidity by exchanging some assets for others. With the emergence and increasing popularity of decentralized exchanges, crypto-investors got another way of income by adding their assets to the common pool. This method is called Liquidity Mining.

In this article we will discuss what Liquidity Mining SWP is, the scheme of its work, as well as the conditions and details of investing in the new, promising direction of S-Group.

What is Liquidity Mining SWP

Liquidity Mining SWP is a new investment direction of S-Group company, the average annual return of which is 140%-160%. With the Liquidity Mining SWP, investors can earn passive income by lending the currency pair SWP/USD 1:1 to the dollar equivalent in the liquidity pool. For providing assets, investors receive rewards in the form of SWP tokens that have been earned on commission costs over the investment period. 

In this way, users increase and maintain the overall liquidity of the DeFi-platform, making the token exchange rate more stable and less vulnerable to sharp fluctuations in value. And buy orders are executed according to the set price, without slippage.  

Scheme of Liquidity Mining SWP:

1. The user sends the currency pair SWP/USD to the liquidity pool.

2. The total liquidity of the platform increases.

3. The commission fee is deducted for the conducted operations.

4. The user is rewarded with SWP tokens at the end of the investment period.

Benefits of Liquidity Mining SWP

- Flexibility. You can choose a suitable investment period depending on your personal preferences.

- Limitless. You can start investing from $100 dollars without any limit on the maximum amount. 

- Rewards. In addition to SWP tokens, you can receive an additional source of regular team bonuses for active partners. 

Investment terms and details

Liquidity Mining's new investment direction has flexible conditions, thanks to which every investor can choose a suitable period and amount of investment for themselves. 

Deposits can be created from $100 to $50,000 with no limit on the number of investments.

Commission for creating a new deposit is 2.5%. It is charged additionally from specified amount of investment in equal parts from SWP and USD balance. 

Liquidity Mining has the following investment rates

- Investment period is 90 days. Profitability is distributed by 75% and 25% towards the investor.

- Investment period of 180 days. Yield is 80% divided by 20% to investor side. 

- Investment period of 365 days. Yield is distributed 85% to 15% to investor. 

Important! Profit to investor is charged every day in SWP tokens and is transferred to the available balance every month. After completion of the investment period, the investment body is transferred to the available balance with a 2.5% commission deduction. 

Affiliate Rewards

The new investment track has an affiliate program where investors can earn rewards. 


Remunerations are accrued to superior partners when they create new deposits. The remuneration amount depends on the partner's level, as well as the amount and period of investor's deposit. 


Learn more about the conditions of bonus accrual depending on the investment period


- Deposit for 90 days. The remuneration is charged from 25% of the deposit amount, 25% is included in the team turnover. 

- Deposit for 180 days. Commission is credited from 50% of the deposit amount and 50% is included in team turnover. 

- Deposit for 365 days. Reward is credited from the full amount of the deposit. The full amount of the deposit is included in the team turnover.

Note! There is a limit for calculating the remuneration, which depends on the S-Subscription plan. 


- Active Standard plan allows you to receive monthly referral bonuses of up to $1000. 

- Active PRO plan allows getting monthly referral compensations up to $3000.

- Active Business plan allows you to get monthly referral fees up to $5000.

- The active Premium plan allows you to get an unlimited number of referrals per period.


Important! When the limit is reached, bonuses from new investments in the team will not be credited. They will be directly credited to higher-level affiliates according to their career level. 


For example, if you create a deposit of $10,000 for 180 days, $5,000 will be counted in team turnover. A superior partner who is at the 14% level and with an active Business plan will receive a referral fee equal to 14% of half of the deposit amount, which equals $700. The monthly rewards limit will then be filled to $700 of the $5,000.

New investment opportunities with Liquidity Mining SWP

Liquidity Mining SWP is a great opportunity for all SWP token holders with an annual return of 140-160%. Investors can choose any suitable rate and also get an additional source of regular team bonuses. 


You can create a deposit in the direction of Liquidity Mining SWP in the personal cabinet of the investor in the section “Investments”. 


In more detail, you can learn the step-by-step steps in the instructions for depositing and creating an investment:


🔗 https://teletype.in/@s-group.io/aHr8kJsYlov 



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